Az.Agr.Svoltacarrozze di Meoni Sebastiana

The Estate

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SVOLTACARROZZE (meaning turning carriage) is the name of a location on the North West corner of the vineyard. The main building of the Svoltacarrozze estate, is a XVIII Century mansion, called Belcano where the old cellar host the Big oak Slovenian Wood on a constant temperature of 18 Celsius degree.

The vineyard, built from a personal project of the older daughter Sebastiana of the Meoni family is the result of the collaboration of Nando Benassi and Giulio Meoni who is merging the old family tradition and the contemporary knowledge.

Out of the six hundred hectares of sprawling woodlands and olive groves in the Chianti Colli Senesi region, the choice of eight hectares turn into Pliocenyc soil, with its’ pebble surface structure and underlying clay that promotes ideal circulation to yield the finest Sangiovese Grosso and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Her research in the field and the long experience of the family in the wine production, give the result of an Incredible SuperTuscan IGT Red made with great enthusiasm and passion in the old cellar of the XVIII Century. All the care is dedicated to produce a wine with no Sulphur used after vinification and a long ageing in Big oak of Slovenian wood so the name correspond to the vintage and you always have different vintage available to be able of enjoying a vertical tasting at any time.