Az.Agr.Svoltacarrozze di Meoni Sebastiana

The Vineyard

quadro3 Owner: Sebastiana Meoni
Year of foundation: 1995

Winemaker: Giulio Meoni
Agronomist: Lamorgese
Vineyards: Chianti Colli Senesi (Toscana)
8 selected hectares in the estate of Belcano (650 hectares) in Common of Murlo, at the edge with the Brunello Production. The vineyard is at 270 meters on sea level with an exposure South Est-South West. Vines of 16 years old.
Grapes: Sangiovese Grosso, Cabernet Sauvignon (10%)

Training System: Spurred Cordon
Average Yield: 5 tons per hectar (well below the legal limit), obtained with carefull selection on the plant to reach excellent quality

Wine: IGT Red Toscana “O1” ( the vintage giving the name to the label emphasize the unicity of every year of production and facilitate the vertical tasting)
Production: Aprox 40.000 bottles per year, estate bottled, made only from grapes harvested in their own vineyards.
Bottled in the Estate, made from grapes grown in the Estate.